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EuroCIO About
The European CIO Association (EuroCIO) is the only European, independent, not-for-profit representative for the large IT-users (demand side of IT), both private and public. With far over 1000 organizations as members, represented by their highest IT-manager or CIO and representing over 700.000 IT workers, EuroCIO is "the" largest organization in its kind also at global level, with links to other CIO communities around the world. The main objectives of EuroCIO are:
  • Sharing and developing vision and exchanging experiences at European level for the better use of information technology. This is mainly done via internal workgroups, web conferences, newsletters, network meetings, etc. for the National CIO communities and the Direct Members (large corporations).
  • Externally representing towards the main IT suppliers as well as European authorities, like the European Commission, European Parliament, etc. EuroCIO is a very active participant in many programmes of the European Commission like cloud computing, e-skills & education, security & regulations, innovation & Artificial Intelligence... The voice of the larger users is more and more heard in the European IT policies (Digital Agenda) and will impact coming years definitely the new European IT decision making process.

AICA - Italy

Founded in 1961, AICA (Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico) is the oldest, most authoritative and best known Informatics Association in Italy from all sectors including public and private.


CIGREF - France (Associate Partner)

Founded in 1970, CIGREF brings together 128 French companies and organizations from all sectors of the economy.


CIO Club Bulgaria

The CIO Club Bulgaria was established in 2007 as a voluntary association of CIOs cooperating to increase the role of the CIO position and sharing the vision of the importance of information technologies as strategic driver for growth, efficiency, competition and value creation.


CIO Council Romania

Started in 2005 CIO Council Romania is an independent and non-profit association and vendor-neutral that group together CIOs from the largest and the most important companies from Romania. We are the only association that represent the CIO profession in Romania and we advocate on IT-related issues that impact Romanian business environment. With its wide range of services, EuroCIO supports its members in their critical leadership role and provides them with opportunities to network with CIOs effectively.


TÜBİYAD – Turkey

Established in 2010 with the main objective to become Turkey’s finance and IT center for Europe, the Middle East and Turkic Republics, TÜBIYAD is the only and largest formal establishment in Turkey for CIOs.

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With its wide range of services, EuroCIO supports its members in their critical leadership role mainly tackling relationships towards Vendors and European authorities with an active participation to some European Commission sponsored projects

CIOs gain access to top-level networking opportunities at our annual conferences and general network meetings. These venues offer CIOs the chance to hear experts testimonials on the issues facing CIO in these uncertain times. In addition, EuroCIO attaches importance to the informal setting that enables CIOs to exchange ideas.

EuroCIO also ensures that CIOs are kept up to date with regular news affecting their role within their organizations. A monthly newsletter is released for its members.

EuroCIO councils do not overlap national workgroups but leverage some specific topics at global level: vendor relationship, cybersecurity & european regulations... Members are encouraged to participate in the workgroups or delegate someone who has a specific expertise in the topic.

In addition, CIO members can exchange on specific topics via our webinars.

Jean-Claude Laroche

Jean-Claude Laroche

CIO of Enedis

Luciano Guglielmi

Luciano Guglielmi

CIO of Mondadori, CIO Aica Forum Italy

Yugo Neumorni

Yugo Neumorni

CIO of Hidroelectrica, CIO Council Romania


EuroCIO traces its roots to the 1990s, when the role of the CIO became much more visible within large corporations across Europe. To define a clear vision within a more complex and diverse framework, CIOs expressed the desire to have a stress-free non-competitive environment, created by CIOs for CIOs, which would allow them to pursue exchanges all year round.

Putting this vision into practice required the initial support of major national CIO associations in Europe under the leadership of Cigref, the French association of CIOs.

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