The EuroCIO Annual Conference Went Full Digital. Watch the videos here

euroCIO group at the annual European CIO Conference

October 2020

Thanks to all the CIOs who attended the first virtual edition of the EuroCIO Annual Conference

Watch the 4 videos of the event here :

Day 1 : Pandora & Emmelibri case studies : Stories of a massive cloud migration in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis (Pandora case study is attached here) & How to become a champion of collaboration across business units Day 2 : Transformation & the Learning Organisation : By the Ministry of Education & Youth in France, ACI Informatica in Italy & the European Commission - Directorate General for Internal Market and Industry. Day 3 : Artificial Intelligence & Innovation : By the Team Leader of Artificial Intelligence at the European Commission & with case studies of Burda-Forward & Generali UK Day 4 : EU policy of the future : How end users manage their relation with vendors & How the EU is Shaping Europe’s Digital Future - featuring an exclusive dialogue between CIO Platform Nederland, CIGREF, BELTUG & the European Commission - Head of Unit, Cloud & Software, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology. Visit the dedicated website

Other Events

2020’s annual event goes virtual with Top CIO testimonials and high level policy dialogues

15-16 | 20-21 October 2020

EuroCIO moved its annual event from its traditional format to a new custom made immersive 3D platform.

We are grateful to the CIOs who shared the best practices that have helped them accelerate digitization and weather the Covid-19 crisis.

A big thanks also to our speakers from the European Commission. In Brussels, there is a saying that if you are not at the table, you are on the menu! The conference consolidated the ongoing dialogue that we have at the highest level of the EU and that we had online with our speakers:
  • André RICHIER, Principal Policy Officer, Directorate General for Internal Market and Industry, European Commission
  • Irina ORSSICH, Team Leader Artificial Intelligence, European Commission
  • and Pierre CHASTANET, Head of Unit, Cloud & Software, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology, European Commission.

2018 Annual Conference in Brussels : Inventing the future together

5th - 6th December 2018 in Brussels

EuroCIO's Annual Conference took place in the capital of Europe on December 5th and 6th of 2018. The theme this year was : Inventing the Future Beyond Digital Transformation: Challenges for Global Businesses and for Europe's Economy.

2018 SummerSummit : Hannover welcomes EuroCIO during Cebit

11th - 13th June 2018 in Hannover

The SummerSummit conference was held during Cebit on June 11th to 13th this year.  EuroCIO members got full VIP access to Cebit including access to Cebit's Executive Club. Cebit is Europe's Business Festival for Innovation and Digitalization.